Photo Shoot : Amy Jackson   Movie Teaser: Naa Nuvve

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Usually, Wives of Star Heroes doesn't prefer attending parties or showroom openings much. But, The situation is changing in the recent past. We have been seeing how Namrata and Upasana have been actively participating in various events. And now, Even Allu Arjun's WIfe Sneha Reddy joined the league.

Yesterday, Fashion Brand H&M has launched its new showroom in Hyderabad. Sneha hasn't only attended the inauguration ceremony but also welcomed everyone by appearing in an off-shoulder outfit of the reputed brand.

Don't be surprised if Media Persons enquire Allu Family if Sneha had any plans to turn Actress/Brand Ambassador after watching her steal the show in such a manner. At least, She might receive few proposals seeking her presence at showroom launches from now.

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