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The girl is back at being her dabangg best and we’re proud of her!

We aren’t sure how much more can we admire Sonakshi Sinha? The awesome young girl has given us reason after reason to fall in love with her and what we love the most about Sona is her intolerance for all thing crap. The actress is not new to haters and knows how to handle them well with her snarky remarks back, but her latest response to Twitter trolls is sooo perfect and sooo true… This morning Sonakshi put out a tweet in protest of the meat ban saying, “This is a free country! Welcome to BAN-istan… I meant india.. Stupid autocorrect.” Obviously, her haters had their own expert opinions on the matter and sounded off calling her names and blaming her of having demanded ban on Jalikattu and cosmetics tested on animals. Yes, we know the argument is lame and not relevant, but clearly the trolls could not understand that. Anyway, our Jr Shortgun knew how to take care of the situation…

The Force 2 actress put out a series of tweets urging trolls to get a life. She tweeted, “Welcome to twitter. Whr only trolls r allowed to have their say. yep, the only space they shud be takin up in life is the 140 chars here! And the best part is, trolls think they are relevant, while we carry on with our happy and positive lives. god bless you all.

She further put out a joke that sums up the whole Twitter situation in the most apt manner. Sona tweeted, “Me: have something to say. Twitter: r u a troll? Me: no Twitter: NO u cant have an opinion. Go away. Shoo. *intimates other trolls* ATTACK.”

Good going girl! Someone had to say something to all this unwanted trolling and we are glad it was you!

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