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As we are aware Ulavacharu has been positioned itself as an “Authentic Telugu Cuisine” and won thousands of hearts from both Telangana& Hyderabad region.

Ulavacharu was born from the very idea of eradicating stereo typed menus in the city. All three Telugu speaking regions, Telangana, Seema& Andhra has authentic dishes of their own. What Ulavacharu did is to bring all these Authentic, Unique & Original Dishes at one place, today they serve about 18 varieties of Biryani/Pulavs&25traditional & unique Starters.

Who visits ulavacharu ?
Ulavacharu is a Foodie’s destination since its inception. It everyday sees all sections of people visiitng with lot of enthusiasm & excitement to taste their Authectic dishes which are original and which arent available in any part of the city. In all major social networking sites it is also the most recommended restuarnat in the city. It is said that one who visits hyderabad must visit this restaurant for its unique and traditional dises which are spiced up right to the taste of a TELUGU.

Ulavacharu is also very much known and visited by the know hows of Political, Media & Film industries. Anyday you see a celebrity dining at Ulavacharu.

About Dishes/Items at Ulavacharu:
One of the major reasons for Ulavacharu’s success is their Authenticity in Food. Firstly being a restaurant to serve only Traditional & Unique dishes. One other speciality is that you don’t get the items that are served at ulavacharu anywhere else. They are only available at Ulavacharu because they have been designed & food engineered after through research on preparation styles.

Theye have been featured in India’s top foodies show organised by NDTV. Rocky & Mayur visited the restaurant and praised for serving them with 20 varieties of biryanis. They said that no restaurant all over india serves as many types of biryanis as Ulavacharu.

Ulavacharu have been Awarded “BEST RESTAURANT 2015” by Telangana Tourism.

Whats the NEWS now ?

Because of its enormous popularity, There has been always shortage of space and people used to wait for a table. Many have asked to adjust few more tables. Which we very much considered. However instead of adding few more tables and making it more conjusted they went ahead and converted the entire terrace as an extension/expansion to the current restaurant.

The expanded space- Terrace restaurant is opened grandly today by MS.Kalavakuntla Kavita garu (MP) & Shri, Justice B.Subhashan Reddy. Lokyuktha-Telangana & AP on 12th of March 2016.

The Owners of Ulavacharu Restaurant Mr.Vinaya Reddy, Mr. Vijay Reddy, Mr. Ravi Raju and Chef Yadagiri said: - Now the Ulavacharu become the new look, feel & comfort with the same unbeatable taste of Telugu Cuisine. So All food lovers can visit Ulvacharu now easily.

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